Limahl Releases ‘One Wish For Christmas’ Single

Limahl, former lead singer of the UK band Kajagoogoo and the voice behind The Neverending Story theme tune has returned with a festive new single, One Wish For Christmas, released NOW!!

Winning the hearts of millions of fans in the ’80s in Kajagoogoo, Limahl enjoyed the instant celebrity of hitting the top of the charts when their debut single Too Shy (which he co-wrote) went to number one in the UK singles charts – changing the course of his life.

After leaving the band, Limahl struck out on his own and soon re-emerged with his first solo single Only For Love, followed up by the Giorgio Moroder-produced worldwide smash, Neverending Story.

Limahl harbours a deep affection for Christmas; the new single started life seven years ago when it was called London For Christmas, and is inspired by Limahl having lived in London all his adult life.

“I love London,” he told Headliner. “It’s been such an important part of my life. I’m there thinking there’s all these great songs about Chicago, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Amarillo, I could go on! But there are hardly any about London, so I always had this thing about, ‘somebody’s got to write really good songs about London’. I know there’s a couple, but it was just something I fancied having a go at.”

Recording a Christmas song is a lifelong ambition of Limahl’s:

“I had this ambition to try and come up with a great Christmas song, which is a huge challenge, because how can you write something new about Christmas? People have been doing it for 100 years! The lyrics are about London at Christmas, and they seem to have more poignancy and more relevance in 2020 because of the pandemic, because the lyrics talk about all the things we’ve been unable to do: a romantic city trip, a theatre show, shopping – all the things that make us feel like living, you know?”

The single and video are available now to stream/download/watch from the following link: